Your business experience

  • Complete commitment to Bosch values
  • Proven commitment to excellent customer service
  • Owner run or managed, with full decision-making powers
  • Proven commercial acumen and management skills

Your facilities

  • Professional, clean and tidy workshop areas
  • Attractive and comfortable customer reception and waiting area
  • Adequate staff facilities of a good standard
  • Adequate warehousing space for diesel spare parts and components

Your team

  • Expertise and high level of motivation to succeed
  • At least one technician trained to master standard
  • Willingness to undertake regular ongoing training
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills

Your equipment and services

  • Adequate component repair facilities equipped with all necessary Bosch test equipment and tooling
  • Vehicle hall for passenger cars and commercial vehicles set up with Bosch on-vehicle diagnostic equipment*
  • Additional customer services (e.g. 24-hour call-out service, towing, etc.)*

* only for Bosch Diesel Center