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Training sessions for all systems – whatever the manufacturer

The subject matter of the training sessions is specially geared to everyday workshop requirements so there is a course to suit every target group.

  • Round-the-clock online help

    In-depth expertise for efficient workshop activities

    The Bosch information database is the ideal high-speed self-help tool for dealing with service or repair problems.


    Information database with Trouble Ticket system

    The information database can provide self-help at any time for dealing with technical service or vehicle repair problems.

    All you need is internet access and the appropriate access software on your computer. After entering a personal password you will have access to our information database and can look up problems which have occurred to date and see how they were solved.


    Special service: The Trouble Ticket system – for quick answers to particular questions

    In the course of your day-to-day work you may well encounter problems which have not yet been registered in the information database. The way to deal with such situations is to fill in a Trouble Ticket. This provides a quick and easy means of requesting help in solving a specific problem. You will receive an immediate reply by phone, fax or online by email. What's more, the problem-solving procedure you have initiated will be incorporated into the information database where it can be accessed by all users.

    In this way, everyone concerned can benefit from the electronically stored pool of reference material.

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    With access to the comprehensive database, the solutions to many problems are just a click away.

    An internet connection, the appropriate access software and a personal password provide access to the information database.

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